7 Sep 2021 | Jaime Puerta

State of VOID - 8/7/21

Summary: A brief statement on VOID's progress

Hello! Welcome to VOID "Victims of Illicit Drugs". I'm so happy to meet you and I look forward to sharing what we are up to these days. My name is Jaime Puerta and I serve as VOID's President. Thank you for signing up to receive our newsletter. We look forward to keeping you up to date with our latest news and information about our events and advocacy campaigns, and especially about our ist annual conference which will take place in April of 2022 in Orange County, California. Here is a little information about our foundation.

VOID was founded by bereaved parents who have lost their loved ones to the Fentanyl Epidemic. Our energies are directed to bringing to the public's attention through education, awareness, and legislative advocacy, the immediate danger of sudden death associated with the use of illicit narcotics, illicit Fentanyl, and other emerging synthetic analogues.

1). We advocate for the reduction and restriction of illicit Synthetic Analogues in the United States.

2). We advocate to amend Section 230 c to remove the liability shield that tech firms currently enjoy for perpetuating illegal activity, as well as adopt transparency provisions regarding content moderation. Most of these illicit narcotics are being sold over social media platforms, which currently enjoy immunity for hosting user generated content, even when it's illegal and even when they know it's there. Social media platforms must collaborate with law enforcement in a timely manner and identify and ban criminals and bad faith actors who sell illicit narcotics through their platforms and prosecute them accordingly.

There is only one way we can achieve these goals and that is by raising public awareness of what these synthetic analogues are and to promote policies that will prevent the negative impact of these deadly substances on our communities and families.

We certainly hope you can help us achieve our goals, which at the end of the day, is to save as many men, women, and children from being poisoned by illicit Fentanyl and its analogues.

Sincerely Yours,
Jaime Puerta